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Fear of Personal harm and retaliation create an environment for crime to flourish in many neighborhoods and throughout our schools and communities. We all must play a role in fighting crime, putting criminals in jail, and making our neighborhoods, schools, and communities safe and secure. Be a part of the solution. Join the Crime Stoppers Club and become a member of the most effective crime fighting organization in our area!

The Tangi Crime Stoppers Club members are recognized at every CST event throughout the year in which they give. Members receive a membership decal, the opportunity to participate in committee activities of the organization, a certificate to display their support, recognition on CST Social Media and the satisfaction of knowing that they are playing a vital role in fighting crime. Crime Stoppers of Tangipahoa (CST) also offers a variety of other sponsorship opportunities throughout the year that you may be interested in below. NOTE: Your donation will never be used to pay rewards. This club supports our Community Crime Prevention Programs in Tangipahoa and St. Helena Parishes.

Crime Stoppers of Tangipahoa, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 tax-exempt organization. Membership contributions are tax deductible. The Federal ID# for the organization is 68-0516834.

Regular Membership

If paying via Pay Pal click the donate tab below to make your donation and then mail in your completed membership card to: Crime Stoppers of Tangipahoa, Inc., P.O. Box 2973, Hammond, LA 70404.

Corporate Sponsorships

Additional CST Sponsorship Opportunities

Crime Stoppers of Tangipahoa offers additional sponsorship opportunities that are event or program specific. Each event/program sponsorship has individual benefits specific to that event/program and level. If you are interested in sponsoring one of the events/programs below please contact our office at 985-634-6273 or via email at tangicrimestoppers@gmail.com

NEW in 2020: The Inaugural Crime Stoppers of Tangipahoa Deputy Duck Dash

Crime Stoppers of Tangipahoa’s Safe Schools Initiative

The K.E.Y.S. (Keeping Every Youth Safe) Alliance, a parish-wide S.A.D.D Chapter

Crime Stoppers of Tangipahoa’s Senior Safety Project

The Crime Stoppers of Tangipahoa Paper Ribbon Campaign

Neighborhood Watch Trainings & Materials

The Crime Stoppers of Tangipahoa End of School Summer Safety Bash

Community Crime Walks & More

Please complete the Membership Form below, check the appropriate membership or sponsorship category, complete the contact information, and mail your check along with this form to:

Crime Stoppers of Tangipahoa,    P.O. Box 2973,    Hammond, LA, 70404

NOTE: Please make checks payable to Crime Stoppers of Tangipahoa, Inc. noting “Membership/Sponsorship” on the memo line or you may pay via Pay Pal by clicking the button below. When paying by Pay Pal please complete and mail in your membership form to the address above. Tax receipts will be issued for donations in the amount $250.00 or higher. You will receive your Membership & Sponsorship welcome packet within two weeks of your donation. Donations of $250.00 or higher will also be contacted to schedule a sponsorship photo with our Executive Director Michelle Gallo that will be shared with the news media and on CST’s social media sites.

Formore information on the Tangi Crime Stoppers Club, call 985-634-6273, email tangicrimestoppers@gmail.com
or write to the address above.

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